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To guarantee you the highest quality of service, we offer several services to meet your needs. Click to discover each part of our site.
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How do I make an appointment with a psychotherapist?

To help you make your first appointment with a specialist via the site, here’s how it works:

Filling in the form: You are taken to the “Find a Psychotherapist” section of the site, where you are presented with a form. Here, you enter basic information such as your name, age, contact details (phone or email) and other details.

Receiving and processing your request: After submitting your form, your information is analyzed (in compliance with the RGPD) by the site team or an automated system in order to match you with the psychotherapist best suited to your needs.

Appointment confirmation and organization: You will receive an email or a phone call to confirm the details of your request and offer you an appointment with the chosen psychotherapist.

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1 - Fill in the form

2 - Processing your request

3 - Appointment confirmation


Why consult an online psychotherapist?

There are many advantages to consulting a psychotherapist online. It’s a convenient option that allows sessions to be taken from home, reducing travel and easily adapting to a busy schedule. It’s ideal for those living in isolated areas or with limited access to specialists. Online therapy offers discretion and accessibility, helping to break down the stigma associated with seeking mental health help.


You're in the best position to talk about it

Living in a small town, mental health care options are limited. Online therapy has given me access to specialists I would never have been able to see otherwise. It's been a real positive change for me.
Anna, 27 years old
Since I started online therapy, I feel much less stressed about finding time for myself. stressed about finding time for myself. I can easily schedule sessions between meetings, and it's really improved my quality of life.
Émilie, 34 years old
I was reluctant to consult a psychotherapist, but being able to do it online from my living room made the process much less intimidating. It really helped me open the door to dialogue and well-being.
Sophie, 42 years old

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